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Setting up your VIRTUAL REALITY world

Welcome to Virtual Reality! We hope that you will enjoy your experience in the new world of VR. This manual is designed to help you set up your Avatar and get the best out of this exciting new technology of Virtual Reality. Here teachers and students get together, represented by their avatars, to communicate in a collaborative learning environment.

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You can either lease a virtual campus from Niteschool (which involves a cost) or run it as stand-alone (which is free). The free version is a great way to get started. Teachers and students can gain valuable skills in this technology of the future. The free version means you can build up your VR skills, create training worlds and provide them to students. You can at any time lease a virtual campus and go online. This enables multiple students to visit at any one time and communicate with teachers and each other. Installing the Server Program 

Your Avatar

Each Avatar is unique and can be customised by a user. This is part of the process when you start out, and a Niteschool support person will help you get set up and take you through the process of becoming a 3D version of yourself.


There are Niteschool AVATAR tutorials in the simulator which are a fun way to learn
more and start studying and meeting people.

Virtual Reality offers you a great new way to study online and spend time with teachers and tutors as well as real people who are learning alongside you..

Education in Virtual Reality



If you want to give your online education a boost then Virtual Reality offers a mix of education and immersive 3D multimedia.

Students can escape the old lecture hall and droning lectures to a space where they can fly, teleport, and even build the classrooms they want to learn in.

Hundreds of educational institutions have moved parts of their campuses into Virtual Reality to explore the possibilities of learning in a virtual world.

Social events for learning



Learning doesn’t have to happen in isolation, and study groups in the library basement can be narcoleptic experience. No more!

Holding study groups and other social learning events in VIRTUAL REALITY can add back the spice into hitting the books. Learning groups can happen 24/7 from anywhere.

They can be attended by students from all around the world, and group leaders can be anyone from a local instructor to a world expert.

Scenic Classroom and Conference online venue

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