FREE Virtual Reality ClassroomFree for teachers & educators

The Free VR Classroom can be downloaded and run stand alone on any windows based computer.

The program can be branded in your organization’s name and distributed to students. It is copyright free. You own any content that you create. It can be emailed as attachment to students or run on a usb drive.

  • The Source Code the source code for the program is provided copywrite-free.
  • It enables you to practice and develop new skills in VR technology.
  • The program runs stand alone and can be given out on a usb stick or emailed to students.
  • You can go online where dozens of student avatars can visit for VR learning world.
  • (Niteschool can host your VR classroom and campus.
  • You can rent it by the hour, day or month.)
  • This FREE version is not a trial and will never expire.
  • Nor are there any fees to pay. 


Source Code

The is the source code for the program.

Download and Extract

You do not need to install the program.

  • It will run stand alone in a folder or USB drive.
  • The program is stable
  • No copy protection
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VR Program


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Installing the Server Program

• Download the campus program. It is windows based.
(NB: whilst the program runs on a window based server, people using an Apple Mac can always access the platform as avatars).
• The program is in zip format so right click on the folder to extract it
• The folder can be placed anywhere on your computer or even put onto a USB stick drive
• Go into the folder. To start the program double click on ‘opensim.exe’
• Your computer may prompt you to install Microsoft NET framework.
• You need to allow the program through the firewall.

If you get a message that it is an unknown program (open source) then click on more info and select ‘run anyway’. The program will then load – it takes about a minute.

You will see a small window with a prompt where you can type in commands. Commands can be for things like changing the sim environment or adding users. You won’t really need to issue any commands.
The only command you need to know for now is to type quit when you want to shut down the program.

Installing your avatar

The next step is to download and install the Avatar program. Go to the Niteschool website and click on the link to download the Avatar setup program
There is the Windows based version for PCs. (There is also a link for to download the Apple Mac version but we only support the windows version).
• When prompted (at the bottom of your screen) choose run.

The Avatar program will begin to install. Accept all the defaults and click on next.
• Once the program is installed you will get to the opening screen where you will need to agree to the terms of service. If prompted, allow your Firewall to run the program.

The first step is to choose the grid. If you are running the program on your own computer you will select ‘local’ hosting.

NB: If running the program online you’d type your grid number. It will be like the following: Just like a phone number for the internet.

• Click on Grids Manager on the left bottom hand side of the window
• Click on ‘LOCAL HOST’
Then simply type in your first and last name (separated by a space) and your password which has been supplied to you.


• Your first name is the letter v and your second name is r. So type v r (with a space in between).

The Password is simply 123.
• You will need to click on the Grid or Login URI drop down arrow and choose Local Host
• Then click on the Log In button.

Please be patient as the Avatar program will take a few moments to load. 
• The Vivox voice chat program will prompt you to allow access - click on Allow
• If your Firewall tries to block any features, then Allow Access.