Create your Avatar

You use the avatar program to enter the Virtual Reality Campus. 

Install the avatar program 

The program is called 'Singularity' which is an open source viewer program.

Download Windows Version


We currently only support windows based operating systems but if you want the Apple Mac Version - click here: Download Mac Version  (You may need to go to your security settings and allow the app to run).

Installing the Avatar Program

  • Click on the Download Avatar link.

You will see it being downloaded at the bottom left of your screen.

Once the avatar.exe has downloaded, click on it to install - the program is called ‘Singularity’.


Allow your computer’s firewall and any other security settings to run the program.

When the program opens you will firstly put in the address of the VR campus or grid. It’s like a phone number with dots in between the numbers. (If you are running the Free VR Classroom you will choose Local).


  • Click on the Grid Manager Button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the Create Button at the top of the screen.
  • Click into the Login URI text box.


This is the address of the grid you want to visit. In this example we put in the address of the Niteschool demo grid - (notice the semi-colon).

  • Click into the Grid Name textbox and give your grid a name.

Then choose OK and the window will close and you’ll be back at the opening screen.


You now need to choose the grid you just created by clicking on the drop down arrow underneath the ‘Grid or Login URL’.

  • Click into the Username box.


Type in your first and last name, separated by a space and then type in your password.

  • Click on Login.

The program will take a few moments to load. (If you have a slow connection or an older computer, it will still run, however movements will be jerky and it will freeze from time to time).

Agree to the Vivox voice license agreement if asked.  

When your avatar appears wait a few moments for the graphics to rez up and then start exploring the VR world.

To visit the VR Campus:

The URL address for the VR Campus is 

Then put in your username and password.

Available user names for visitors are:

Username: ava 1

(If the number 1 is being used, then you can use any number between 2 - 8  eg. ava 5)

computer and it hub sunset

lecture hall

lecture hall class

Avatar User Manual

Make the Connection

Once you download and install the program you can connect to the VR Campus.

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