The VR for Schools Project

The VR for Schools Project provides a free environment for learning and developing skills in designing Virtual Reality training environments.

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It is ideal as a school project but also valid for any organisation that wishes to develop training delivery using VR.

This technology and training course is being offered by Niteschool which is an Australian training organisation.

You can run your own VR program stand alone at no cost and can be put online on our servers for a low monthly rate. We offer a 50% discount for educational institutions.

The free training course gives a comprehensive introduction to VR. Teachers and students can gain valuable VR skills that are in demand right now. Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft currently have thousands of jobs available. Demand for VR skills is outstripping supply according to Hired CEO Mehul Patel. There’s been a 1,400 percent growth in interview demand.

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It is estimated that there will 50,000 jobs in VR coming online in the near future.

The open source program is copyright free. You can modify or sell anything that you create.

There are a variety of templates that you can choose from. These have classrooms, cinemas and tutorials in different settings, from hi-tech to tropical island vistas.

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How the project works.

The aim is to gives students and teachers the program and training to learn way into VR and allow them to develop their skills. There are tutorials and videos which teach you how to use virtual reality to deliver lessons in 3D.

The Free VR Classroom can be downloaded and run stand alone on any windows based computer. It can be readily customized for your particular lesson plan. The program can be branded in your organization’s name and distributed to students. It is copyright free. You own any content that you create. The program can be emailed as attachment to students or run on a usb drive.

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You can also lease a VR server and educational institutions attract a 50% discount. Students and teachers access your campus which is customized for your organization’s requirements.

A monthly server package consists of a 150 acre campus which has multiple scenarios for holding online training. Teachers place lesson content in different areas of the simulator. There are lecture halls, classrooms and tutorial areas. You can work in groups with other teachers and students to develop VR scenarios.

There are a variety of different scenarios that you can adjust to suit your lesson plans.

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In addition, you also receive a second server for VR design training purposes. This has tutorials in VR building and programming on eight 16 acre regions. There are ‘sandbox’ areas where you can practice your VR building skills.

The VR platform can be used by students right away and easily customized for your particular lesson plans. If you take advantage of our training you can develop stunning learning scenarios in 3D.

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The educational potential of VR has been noted by many academics. It extends social interactions and supports active participation which can be important in these times of social isolation due to COVID-19. It increases learner engagement, motivation and collaboration with additional scope for creating 3D learning experiences. (Papachristos et al. 2014; Antonio et al. 2015; Dad et al. 2016).